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Continental Airlines Case number xxxxxxx

Greetings Mr. President, Congresswoman Jackson Lee, and TSA et al,

I would like to kindly share our recent experience with the Bush Intercontinental airport and TSA. My wife's parents were recently down for Christmas, they are both in their 80's, both needed wheelchairs, and my Father-in-law is on oxygen 24/7. He had his Inogen oxygen concentrator machine with 3 batteries. So, you can imagine the rigorous search he had. complete body search, where he had to hold his arms up in the air for several minutes. NOW, let me be perfectly clear, I completely understand this, and Continental airlines could have not been any better in helping with them getting them back to the gate. I applaud Continental airlines on this, and in fact called them and complemented them on this. Here is what I don't understand, confucius is confused again. Why is it that my 82 year old father-in-law and my 84 year old mother-in-law were so stringently searched, but yet I (or anyone once through security), my wife and I were also searched, and again, totally understandable. BUT once back in the Gate area, I was able to buy a long neck glass bottle of beer? Do you know how many people in Bars all across Texas, are cut with broken beer bottles? A broken long neck (Corona beer bottle or any broken beer bottle) is considered a lethal weapon in the court of law, if used in this manner. I (or anyone), could have put that long neck in my pants and carried aboard a plane, or, gone in the bathroom at the gate, broke the bottle, and then stuffed it in my pants. I not only had one, but two of those expensive long necks while waiting at the gate. IF I wanted, I could have had a six pack of lethal weapons to carry on board a plane. But yet TSA will take my little bitty pocket knife. I found this deeply disturbing, and I called Continental, and they too found it deeply disturbing, however they could not do anything about it, due to the fact it was the vendors, and the TSA is over the vendors. THEY gave me another number to TSA and ask that I call them as well, in which I did. After speaking with someone at TSA, I found that this was of NO concern to them. I was told

''that's nothing, have you ever been in a restaurant back in the gate area, they use real silverware, with real forks and knives.''

''We cannot stop everything''.

yep, that's exactly what I was told. now don't get me wrong, I am not writing this so they will stop serving up cold long neck beer, but they have what they now call plastic and or aluminum bottles. daaa. ...

I SUPPORT FULL BODY SCANS, however WARNING, i just don't look pretty naked anymore. ...TSS

Docket APHIS-2007-0033 Docket Title Agricultural Bioterrorism Protection Act of 2002; Biennial Review and Republication of the Select Agent and Toxin List Docket Type Rulemaking Document APHIS-2007-0033-0001 Document Title Agricultural Bioterrorism Protection Act of 2002; Biennial Review and Republication of the Select Agent and Toxin List Public Submission APHIS-2007-0033-0002.1 Public Submission Title Attachment to Singeltary comment

Greetings FDA and public,

if you go to the below site, and search all BSE known countries and check out their air traffic illegal meat they have confiscated, and check out the low number checked, compared to actual passenger traffic, would not take too much for some nut to bring in FMD/TSEs into the USA as a 'suitcase bomb'.

[[Under APHIS-PPQ's agricultural quarantine inspection monitoring, 284 air passengers from Israel were sampled for items of agricultural interest in fiscal year 2001. Seven of these passengers, or 2 percent, carried a total of 11 kg of meat items that could potentially harbor the pathogen that causes BSE. None of these passengers from whom meat items were confiscated reported plans to visit or work on a ranch or farm during their visit to the U.S.]]

if they were to have questioned the terrorist that bombed the Twin Towers with jets, if they were to have questioned them at flight school in the USA, i am sure that they would have said they did not intend to visit the Twin Towers as a flying bomb either. what am i thinking, they probably did ask this? stupid me. ...SNIP...END

Terry S. Singeltary Sr.
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